Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How fit do you need to be to do a sprint triathlon?

Thinking of doing your first Sprint Triathlon? You may be more prepared than you think! Depending on your current level of fitness you may be able to complete your first sprint triathlon with as little as 3-4 weeks of preparation.

How fit do you need to be to get away with this? After all, having you heard that it takes months of dedicated training to complete a triathlon?

If you are currently fairly active, are able to swim non-stop (any stroke) for 500 yards, ride your bike for 12 miles (about an hour or less) and run 3 miles, then you are ready to prep for your first sprint triathlon with just a few weeks of race specific workouts.

To get ready for your sprint triathlon in such a short time, you'll need to spend the next several weeks doing "brick workouts" once or twice a week, practice transitions between the swim to bike leg and the bike to run leg, and give your body adequate time to adjust to doing more than one workout in a day.

If nothing else, you will be able to cross the finish line on race day, but your level of fatigue will vary with how much time you've spent training.

Can't do the pre-requisite distances listed above? Don't worry...you'll just need more time to get prepared. Download my 12 week beginner sprint triathlon training plan by signing up in the box on the right, or follow the link below.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sprint Triathlon Training Day 2 - Swim Workout #1

Download the complete Sprint Triathlon Training Guide by entering your Name and Email on the right

Week 1 of contains 2 Swim workouts, one of 400 yards and one of 500 yards. You can swim any combination of lengths to get to the total distance. You can alternate strokes if you like, for example 50 free style, 50 breast stroke. You can rest as much as you need to between sets of swimming.

My preference for most athletes is that they complete the swim using all freestyle, so you should simply swim only freestyle in training...simply rest as you need to until you can do your next set.

Suppose you can only swim for 25 yards at a time, the simply do a set of 4 lengths (25 yards) and do four sets total. Rest for 10-20 seconds between each lenght and rest for a minute or two between each of the four sets.

Sample Workout #1:
Warmup 4 x 25 yards using long slow strokes resting as needed.
Main Set: 4 x 25 yards at a moderate effort, rest 10 seconds between each length. Rest for 60 seconds then repeat
Cooldown: 4 x 25 yards focus on good form. Rest as needed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sprint Triathlon Training Day 1 - Rest Day!

Haha, well day 1 isn't truly a rest day, but there will be no specific workout today, rather you'll have some homework to do instead. In my sprint triathlon training plan for first timers, there is a full rest day every week. I like to schedule this on Mondays so that you can recover from the weekend of activity. But you can move it to any day of the week that suits you.

Some people with families and small children choose to take their "rest day" on a weekend so that they can spend it with the kids. On the other hand, the total training time on a weekend day is not so great that you couldn't do your workout first thing in the morning and then spend the time with the kids and spouse later in the day.

Bottom line is do whatever suits your schedule the best. You need to continue living your real life while training for a triathlon as well, so feel free to massage this schedule to suit you.

Assuming you are using today as a rest day, spend this first day of your sprint triathlon training making sure you have any last minute triathlon equiipment you might need. Now is not the time to think about spending a fortune on gear. Triathlons can be completed with a minimum of equpment.

Make sure that your bicycle is in good working order...it can be any kind of bike..road bike, triathlon bike, mountain bike, hypbrid bike...it doesn't matter as long as it is safe. Have the bike checked for good drivetrain function, have the brakes checked and replaced if needed and of course, make sure the tires and innertubes are in good working condition.

Most of all is to make sure you have a helmet. Your brain is the most important asset you have so you gotta take care of it! Even if you feel invincible, you should know that your brain controls your personality as well. So if you get a bruise in the front lobe of your brain, you could turn into a total jerk...and your husband/wife would be pretty mad at you. Bottom line...make sure your helment fits, inspect it for cracks adn replace if there are any signs of damage.

That covers the basics for day 1 of your new sprint triathlon training program. Get to sleep early tonight for tomorrows workout... your first swim!

Sprint Triathlon Training - First Time Finishers 12 Week Plan

So you want to complete your first triathlon? Congratulations, you are about to undertake a wonderful journey of accomplishment. Many people considering doing a triathlon for the first time have a lot of the same questions...questions about sprint triathlon training, questions about triathlon equipment, bike fit, and nutrition.

Don't worry...I'll help you through all of that. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to my 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan. I'll go over each day of training in a new blog post. For convenience, you can also download the entire training plan plus a free Triathlon Training Guide from my website at Forging the Athlete.

Book mark this blog or add the RSS feed to your feedreader and stay tuned for an exciting adventure in sprint triathlon training. I know you can do it!